Welcome to Lasagna Today

Welcome to Lasagna Today

Lasagna Today is your local homemade cuisine, tasty, fresh and made with love like your grandmother would make it special for you! Located in the heart of San Anselmo. We specialize in real, authentic and unique Italian Artisan Family Style Lasagna. Our concept is to have an authentic and fresh product accessible for families and to give a “Take & Bake” experience at home with a cooking instructions flyer

We serve two different sizes of Lasagna’s:

Family size” 8 inches square aluminium tray, serves 4 people
Lasagnetta”(Little Lasagna): served on half tray, perfect for two people.

We also offer a delicious garlic bread with your Lasagna. Made of our homemade garlic butter with sourdough bread from Bordenave's Bakery

See our Lasagna below:

Classic Bolognese: made with a rich flavor from a slow cooking Beef Ragout and an innovative homemade Bèchamel layered with a top brand Italian pasta.

Gluten-Free Bolognese: made with a superb green lentil & brown rice flour lasagna sheets pasta.

Vegan: made also with the green lentil lasagna sheets pasta, mushrooms, seasonal vegetable and an innovative homemade Vegan Béchamel

Have a good Lasagna Today!

Featured Dishes

Featured Dishes
Vegan Lasagna
Classic Bolognese Lasagna
Gluten-free Bolognese Lasagna
Garlic Bread
Vegan Lasagnetta
Classic Lasagnetta
Gluten Free Lasagnetta

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